So you’re looking for a new Jack Russell Terrier puppy and maybe you’ve never purchased a puppy from a breeder in the past. Buying from a responsible breeder is the recommended why of finding your new puppy, but there are some questions you should ask of the prospective breeders and there are a few questions the breeder will ask of you. Below are some of the most common questions you should ask when looking for your new puppy but don’t be afraid to ask any others that come to mind which give you peace of mind in the adoption process.

Do you offer a health guarantee? This is a big one as most breeders offer health guarantees for any puppies they place with new homes. They know the history of their breeding stock and have gone to great lengths to breed for a healthy litter. They stand behind their puppies and want you to have a healthy new family member for years to come.

Do you have references? Breeders that have breed for years will have numerous past families that will gladly tell you about their experience with the breeder. Take the time to check a couple of the provided references as this will give you a good idea of the experience they had with this breeder. Don’t forget to ask if there were any issues that came up and if so how did the breeder handle the issue. This will give you some insight as to what to expect if you unfortunately have any problems after you get home with your puppy.

Any advice? Once you have decided on a breeder for your new puppy ask if he or she has any advice on taking care of the new little one. They have spent the first 8 weeks or so taking care of your puppy and most likely can tell you about eating habits, sleep habits, any temperament issues and other hints to making your ownership that much more enjoyable going forward.

Do they offer a contract? Many breeders require you spay or neuter your new puppy within a certain timeframe, there are different registration types available, and what if you need to return the puppy for whatever reason? These are just some of the details that are included in most breeder’s adoption contracts and it makes the adoption process a smoother (no surprises) one and allows you to feel more comfortable when you know what the expectations are up front.

Has your new puppy had the vet recommended vaccines? Be sure to ask your breeder which vaccines your puppy has had and which are still due. This is important to help your puppy stay healthy for years to come.

Can we meet the parents? It’s a good idea to ask a potential breeder if you can meet at least one of the parents of your new puppy.

Has the puppy been socialized? There’s a good chance your new puppy will go home to a house with children, other pets or be around others besides you the owner. Ask the breeder what, if any, socialization your puppy has been exposed to. Is it good with small children? Has it been around other pets?