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Sand Country Jack Russells

Sand Country Jack Russells photo

The Jack Russell was bred in England to route fox from it's den during fox hunts which started with foxhounds, horses and horseman. The JR is meant to be small enough to go where a fox may go, intelligent enough that it would know not to engage in a deadly battle below ground, tenacious enough to keep worrying the fox until it left the safety of its den and fast enough to keep up with horse and hound. This is a special dog, with special characteristics for which a large group of like-minded people are dedicated through the JRTCA. This is NOT an AKC breed!!! And of this we are proud! Integrity, health, and mental aptitude is preserved through sound and conscientious breeding. That is what SAND COUNTRY JACK RUSSELLS are all about. Correct, happy, healthy adults and puppies which we breed for on a limited basis.