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Castlereigh Kennels

Castlereigh Kennels photo

I have been a member of the JRTCA for last 20 years. I am a small Jack Russell Terrier breeder, who delights in this breed, and always strives to create a better terrier. I combine bloodlines both from my breeding program of the last 26 years, and other wonderful kennels. I am aware of, and testing for PLL, BAER, and SCA. I am located in Southern California, within driving distance of both Los Angeles, and Las Vegas for your convenience. I breed a few litters per year, so there is usually a nice variety of excellent puppies available. I also sometimes have dogs up for adoption. So, check my site regularaly, also my Facebook page, Castlereigh Terriers.

British Grit Jack Russell Terriers

British Grit Jack Russell Terriers photo

Come on in and check us out! British Grit Jack Russell Terriers is a small kennel that produces top quality Jack Russell Terriers. in Northern California. Our family companions have amazing smarts, fantastic dispositions,and the classic JRT conformation. We are blessed to have Meynell-Sundance Sazzy and Rushill Jay whom we most imported from England. Sazzy(Snatch&Duffy)is tan and white with a smooth coat. Jay (Dodge&Maggie)has a rough tri-colored coat. Welcome to our English born and English-related world. Thank you for coming.

Diggin West Terriers

Diggin West Terriers photo

At Diggin West we are proud to produce 3 generations of working terriers. Our terriers are more then just working terriers, they are beloved members of our family. Our number one priority is preserving the natural hunting instincts of the Jack Russell and committing ourselves to producing a correctly structured terrier to the JRTCA breed standard. All terriers are registered with the Jack Russell Club of America. All terriers are BAER tested, PLL normal and CERF tested annually. All terriers are sold with a health guarantee and puppy package. We strictly enforce the breeder code of ethnics.

CLT Russells

CLT Russells photo

CLT Russells Breeds Top Quality AKC Russell Terriers (known world wide as Jack Russell Terrier) for health, temperament and conformation. All our puppies are microchipped with current shots and worming. Parents are all health tested Including painful PLL (Preliminary Lens Luxation) and have been shown in AKC and UKC Conformation. Showing dogs is a good test of their temperament as well as a great tool for us as breeders to better our dogs in order to move forward with the dogs that best meet the standard of the breed in both structure and temperament. Shipping can be arranged to most major airports for $300. Call or Text for appointment 760-578-9921.... Our Website also have some retired adults

Kimberlite Jack Russell Terriers

Kimberlite Jack Russell Terriers photo

Jack Russells are very smart dogs, they can be a lot of fun to be around and play with, keep in mind that they are quite energetic and need to "work" to occupy their bodies and exposure to lots of different things their minds to become well balanced dogs . We play ball, stick,Kong,Frisbee, do Agility, Practice Flyball, Obedience, lure course, race, do Go to Ground, take long hikes, ride with the horses, and they still have energy! We absolutely love them for the lovely dogs and the"terrors " they can be. Our Jack Russells are our beloved pals, on occasion should Adults become available, they will be discriminately offered to pre-approved homes only. We spend a great deal of time with our puppies, we expose them to many different environments, people (including children), dogs, and other animals. They are started in their path towards being good companions . We start potty training, and feeding schedules, We begin their familiarity with collars, leashes, following, waiting, sitting as they develop their brains and personalities. Our involvement with our pups doesn't end with the sale, we will be available to you, to answer questions (no question is too silly) , offer suggestions and to help make your experience with your puppy and dog a successful one. We feel so strongly about our commitment,that if at any time you find you are unable to keep your terrier, we require you contact us FIRST, BEFORE you seek other placement options. We will assist you in finding an appropriate home or we will accept him/her back into our home. They are Kimberlite Puppies forever