So the big day is here and you’re bringing home your new puppy!

The first few nights or even weeks can be a challenge with your new puppy as he or she tries to acclimate to its new environment and new family. Below are a few helpful suggestions and some of the items you need to have on hand to make the transition a smooth one.

Food and Water Bowls – You’ll need bowls that are not too big so that your new puppy can reach the food and water without much trouble.

Collar and Leash – You’ll need to take your puppy out for bathroom breaks and sure they have little legs but you would be surprised how fast they can get away from you.

Chew Toys – Your puppy will be teething and a few different chew toys will help in the training of your puppy to as what is an acceptable chew toy and hopefully what is not.

Pet Bedding – Come bedtime your puppy will need to have its own bedding.

Dry Puppy Food – Ask the breeder what brand the puppy has been eating and try to stick to the same brand for now. It will hopefully keep any stomach issues from arising within the first few days.

Find a Vet – Have a local veterinarian’s contact information handy. You never know when the need will arise and it’s important to start that relationship early as you will have times when a quick call to the vet is needed.