DBF Russell Terriers photo North Carolina

Cedar Grove Jack Russell Terriers

Connie Jones

Cedar Grove Kennel has shown,hunted and bred JRTCA terriers for over 25 yrs. We are located in Central North Carolina, just beside Raleigh. We are a small kennel with a limited number of carefully planned litters each year.We strive to breed terriers that excel in the conformation ring as well as the hunt field.They also must be healthy, with sound temperaments to make the best overall terrier whether for competition or just a great family pet. Breeding stock is CERF tested, BAER tested Two beautiful litters ready right around Christmas! 8 girls and 5 boys to approved homes. Call or visit for more information. See our website for pictures and information (www.cedargrovejackrussellterriers.com) Connie Jones D.V.M. 919-880-4900

Kimberlite Jack Russell Terriers photo California

Kimberlite Jack Russell Terriers

Alison Cook Cilliers & Barry Cilliers

Jack Russells are very smart dogs, they can be a lot of fun to be around and play with, keep in mind that they are quite energetic and need to "work" to occupy their bodies and exposure to lots of different things their minds to become well balanced dogs . We play ball, stick,Kong,Frisbee, do Agility, Practice Flyball, Obedience, lure course, race, do Go to Ground, take long hikes, ride with the horses, and they still have energy! We absolutely love them for the lovely dogs and the"terrors " they can be. Our Jack Russells are our beloved pals, on occasion should Adults become available, they will be discriminately offered to pre-approved homes only. We spend a great deal of time with our puppies, we expose them to many different environments, people (including children), dogs, and other animals. They are started in their path towards being good companions . We start potty training, and feeding schedules, We begin their familiarity with collars, leashes, following, waiting, sitting as they develop their brains and personalities. Our involvement with our pups doesn't end with the sale, we will be available to you, to answer questions (no question is too silly) , offer suggestions and to help make your experience with your puppy and dog a successful one. We feel so strongly about our commitment,that if at any time you find you are unable to keep your terrier, we require you contact us FIRST, BEFORE you seek other placement options. We will assist you in finding an appropriate home or we will accept him/her back into our home. They are Kimberlite Puppies forever

Reynard Farm and Kennel photo Delaware

Reynard Farm and Kennel

Theresa Kothstein DVM

As an owner of Jacks since 1985, and a JRTCA mermber for about 25 years, I enjoy taking my dogs to trials, having them enjoy life on my 15 acre horse farm, and raising the occasional litter of quality, well adjusted puppies . I am a very small breeder, only raising about one litter per year, and my 5 dogs age 2 to 16 1/2 years are my pets. I am on my 7th generation and am very particular about health screening; DNA testing for PLL, SCA, and DM. My dogs visit the ophthomologist annually for CERF exams and the stud dogs I've used are held to the same high standards. Feel free to call me and talk Jacks!

Twin Banyans Jack Russell Terriers photo Florida

Twin Banyans Jack Russell Terriers

Nancy Adams

Twin Banyans is a small Jack Russell Terrier kennel located in Miami, Florida. We have owned and loved Jack Russells for 19 years. Check us out to see available puppies!

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